Laser Hair Removal

What is it?

Let’s face it – excess body hair can be unsightly and embarrassing. Shaving, plucking, waxing, and depilatory creams provide temporary fixes, but beyond being inconvenient, messy, and having the potential to cause irritation, they’re only temporary. Unwanted hair is a problem shared by both men and women. The condition can be caused by genetics, race, puberty, and old age. Some women experience apitional hair growth during pregnancy or menopause.

Hair does not come in any one size or type. Follicles in different parts of the body produce various types of hair. Hair can grow in thick, bushy patches or in long thin strands. In apition, hair is produced in follicles that can be found at different depths and densities: as close to the skin’s surface as one millimeter or as deep as five millimeters. Until recently, this great variety in hair types and body locations made long-lasting hair removal a significant challenge.

At Silhouette, we are pleased to offer laser hair removal treatment with the latest LightSheer® DUET laser. The LightSheer® DUET laser is FDA approved for permanent reduction of unwanted hair. This technology can be used to treat unwanted hair on all skin types, including dark-skinned individuals such as those of African, Hispanic or Asian descent.

How does it work?

LightSheer® DUET systems treat the hair by directing precise laser energy into the base of the follicle. A thin layer of cool, transparent gel may be applied to the treatment area to better focus the energy. The energy heats the hair and damages the hair follicle, causing the hair to fall out and prevent re-growth for lengthy periods of time, often permanently!

Unlike other lasers, the LightSheer® DUET gives the option of two hand-pieces. The HS hand-piece treats large areas very quickly, reducing treatment time by up to 75% and with little physical discomfort. The ET hand-piece incorporates ChillTip™ technology, which continuously cools the skin to relieve discomfort. This is a much smaller tip and is used for precision areas like chin and upper lip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We charge per treatment, as you receive it. Other places offer price packages, where you pay for several treatments ahead of time in one bundle, then use them over the course of a year or so. However, we find that some people show amazing results with only a few treatments, while others may take more. Paying per treatment as you receive it ensures you pay for exactly what you need.

    The cost per treatment varies widely, depending on the areas being treated and how many areas you get done at a time. The more areas you get done at once, the lower the cost per treatment, because our technician can use the same materials during one visit versus having to use new materials over the course of several visits.

  • Yes. The number of treatments you receive will depend on your body’s response to the treatment. Generally speaking, facial areas require 6-8 treatments in 1-2 month intervals, and body areas require 4-6 treatments in 2-4 month intervals to achieve total hair loss. After a treatment, the hair will fall out naturally over the course of 1-4 weeks.

    Spacing the treatments at these intervals ensures new follicles will have a chance to grow before your next session, killing hair in all phases of growth. After near or total hair loss is achieved, maintenance programs are put in place at reduced costs, usually at the interval of once every year or two. This is to ensure hair does not grow back; if you don’t notice any new hair growth however, no need to return for maintenance!

    During your free no-obligation consultation, we will design you a customized treatment program, and give you an estimate in terms of how many sessions may be needed in order to meet your expectations.

  • The treatment is done by our Laser Hair Technician specialist.

  • The length of an individual treatment may last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending upon the size of the area being treated.

  • The appearance of the treated area immediately following a session will vary from person to person, though side effects are rare. Any swelling or redness at the treatment site typically goes away within 24 hours, and most people are able to return to normal activity immediately.

    During your treatment you may experience slight discomfort; it is often described as a pinch or the sting of a snapped rubber band. Older machines may use a topical numbing cream like EMLA, but the LightSheer® DUET is so fast and virtually painless that this anesthetic is no longer needed.

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