Why Silhouette

While there are many locations that offer similar cosmetic services, Silhouette has something they don’t -- the professional direction of a world-renowned plastic surgeon, and the caring and committed staff who make up his team. At Silhouette, we don’t just see your problem: we see you.

Choosing the right facility for a non-surgical procedure is just as important as choosing the right doctor for a surgical one. Although non-invasive, our treatments and products are of a medical nature and should be treated as such. Silhouette offers smart and friendly staff who are well-trained and knowledgeable in their fields. A simple glance at Medical Director Claudio DeLorenzi’s biography or blog will tell you he is an advocate for the highest integrity of service, and an enthusiast for the newest technologies in the industry. This means Silhouette offers the most advanced procedures with state of the art equipment.

Years of safe and reliable service have given Silhouette a proud name in their community, and creating ongoing relationships with clients is something that comes naturally. Delivering excellent service at great prices is just one way we show our clients how much we care. Great discounts, seasonal promotions, and customer appreciation incentives are another way we give back to our valued customers. Our easy to use and secure online store gives our customers the convenience of buying all their favourite products from home, and our educational blogs and videos keep them aware and informed.

Free, no-obligation consultations allow us to sit down with you in a professional, one-on-one manner to discuss the best options for your needs. It is important to note that no medical referral is necessary. Call 519-744-1533 or book online today to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!